My name is Nakeya Isabell. I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I know I am nothing without God, and I am a reflection of God’s grace and a determined mind. I make a persistent effort to help spread an unapologetic hope that edifies, uplifts, and inspires. I am one of nine children with a host of niece, nephews, and cousins who are like siblings.

I am passionate about spreading love, truth, and bridging the gap between generations. I am aware that my time here on earth is limited so, my life goal is to live full and die empty. I am determined to live out my full potential.

I graduated from Cleveland High of Seattle, WA. I received a full basketball scholarship to the College of Southern Idaho and then to Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. I graduated with my BA in Advertising.

In my free time you can find me laughing, trying my best efforts to dance, and capturing moments with my camera phone. I love to listen and make the most out of each day. I enjoy being still but you probably can’t tell from how involved I am with activities. I enjoy fashion and putting things together that are different. I have 20/20 but I love wearing stylish glasses that are unprescribed. I love bow ties and suspenders. I love beanies. I love creative earrings. And I love wearing clothing with a message. A random fact about me is if I eat spaghetti or lasagna I need ranch.

My favorite food is fried catfish. My favorite desserts are sweet potato pie, peach cobbler and pound cake. My favorite color is purple. My favorite number is 3. The most interesting place I’ve traveled to has been Mauritania, a country in Northern Africa. The one place I want to visit that I haven’t gone yet is Puerto Rico.

Currently, I am a mentor with a non-profit entitled, Friends of the Children Seattle where I mentors teen girls. I want us all to succeed and I am especially passionate about seeing the next generation propel us forward.

In my art you can expect to be encouraged, challenged, and moved by transparency, cadence and a heart that desires to see the world changed. I often state, “If you aren’t apart of the solution, you are apart of the problem.” I desire that her art would compel you to think beyond the surface and to team up with being apart of the change we hope to see. You ready? Come join the journey! You want to get involved? The choice is yours; green light, let’s go!!!!!!!